Headmix was formed in 1996. Mixing folk with heavy bass and infectious grooves - dub diddly was born! With their social and politically conscious lyrics, the band soon became firm favourites at U.K festivals. Touring extensively in the U.K. and Europe they built up a big loyal fan base. Headmix released 4 albums, split in 2003, did reunion gigs in 2013/14 and now have a new album due for release summer 2022.

"The world's first festi-diddledum supergroup!" Popular throughout the UK and Europe

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A distinctive mix of traditional acoustic instruments, drum n bass grooves and beautiful vocal harmonies with conscious lyrics. Headmix have a new album out very soon. Their single 'Right Now' was released on 02/02/22 on bandcamp. https://headmix.bandcamp.com/

The band are planning live shows in 2022 to support the release of their new album.