FIRST TALK A series of three talks of: Life as we 'don't' know it. copy

A breath-taking, visual & immersive journey to the unknown. Talks by Eli Ofir.
Hosted at the hop yard brewing co.... Read More

This is a three talk series. Please buy tickets for talks separately.

First Talk - Earth Itself is Alive
Saturday the 17th of Sep 11am
Birth & Death- the Life Cycle of Oceans, The Ring of Fire, Hot-Spot Scars, Black Smoker Vents, Mid-Ocean Ridge - on land.

Following talks

Second Talk - We are Star Dust
Saturday the 1st of Oct 11am
Star Embryos- Nurseries where solar systems are hatched, Exo-Planets, Deep Space - A Billion Galaxies, Dark Matter, from Hubble to James Webb.

Third Talk -
Life as we Don’t Know It
Aliens - Are they here? Crop-circles, official UFO sightings, NASA findings, Predators & Zombies in our back yard’.

Suitable for families and children from 12 years.